Quality Kontrol


Ufuk Pipe has a quality system including all the destructive and non-destructive tests and examinations applied to its bare or coated pipes starting from input controls of the raw materials until the shipment of the pipes. Our quality activities regarding this system are;

Input Quality Control
Visual & Dimensional Control
Chemical Analysis
Tensile Test

Process Control (Bare Pipe)
Chemical Analysis
Tensile Test
Weld Tensile Test
Guided Bending Test
Charpy V-Notch Impact Test
Hardness Test
Macro Analysis
DWTT (Drop Weight Tear Test)

Process Control (Coated Pipe)
Comparison of Surface Profile
Measurement of Surface Roughness
Dust ContaminationTest
Adhesion Test
Elongation Test
Porosity Test
Holiday Test
Thickness Measurement
Cathodic Disbonding Test
Indentation Hardness Test
Bending Test
Curing Test
Water Absorption Test
Coating Resistivity Test

Non-destructive Examination
Visual & Dimensional Control
Hydrostatic Test
Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection
Manuel Ultrasonic Inspection
Radioscopic Examination
Liquid Penetrant Test
Magnetic Particle Test

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